• The Heat Is On… Kinda

    Sean takes a break from his Brazilian poolside to fill us in on over-the-top BBQ, hot weather and the state of COVID where he's at. Rodney shares a snowman tale and recounts a recent dinner out with family at Faros Greek Restaurant in Södermalm... including the adventure of getting there.
    Check our Instagram stream for the BBQ pictures.
    Faros Greek Restaurant: www.faros.se

  • Travelin’ Man

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! The first episode of 2021 and Sean joins in from Miami... not Brazil? He fills us in on the family's journey to the states and almost South America. Rodney is holding down the fort in Stockholm and contemplates the savings of celebrating Christmas AFTER Christmas. Here we go!

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  • 2020: The Finale

    Ring in the end of 2020 with the 2 guys. We recap some of the craziness we've experienced this year in Stockholm, Sean discusses his upcoming voyage back into the jungle, and we highlight our Christmas wish lists in case Santa is listening in. Then, we answer some questions sent in from you listeners. Happy Holidays! See you in 2021!

  • 50 Shades of 2020

    It looks like 2020 reared its head again this week. The 2 guys recount how they've had to interact with the Swedish health care system. Then, Sean tries to figure out what a Christmas egg is, and Rodney is being pursued across the internet by virtual advent calendars. It's a wild episode this week!
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  • The Cow Says Mööö

    The 2 guys are joined in studio this week by Ross Schager. He is a new addition to the expat community in Sweden this year. He and his wife Karin (one of our previous guests) relocated from Chicago in the. middle of the pandemic and lived to tell the tale on this very podcast. He recounts his tales of giving up his beloved paddle boards, trying to tell what's on sale and trying to find food that suits his Midwestern palate.

  • Birthday Boy

    It's a special day for episode 80... we have a birthday in the house! Rodney recounts his birthday hijinks including battling a winter squall to get some bbq ribs. Then, Sean tries to figure out what he has been hearing in pre-school and on the street in another edition of Say What. Later, it's Rodney's turn in the hot seat for Quiz Time while Sean tries to stump him with sometimes controversial (sort of) questions.

    As mentioned in the episode:
    Fem Små Hus (restaurant): Website
    At Six rooftop bar SUS (Sthlm Under the Stars): Website

  • Ambassador Rodney

    Here he comes... Ambassador Rodney!! Or, at least he plays one on TV, or he stayed at a Holiday Inn last night. Rodney recounts his experience of appearing on the Swedish TV show DIPS. We also get some mustache and beard updates for Movember, and we take a listener question about a "Swine Apple." Plus, we debate the versatility of natural v.s artificial Christmas trees.
    Rodney appears at 11m55s in S2E1 of Dips on SVT. Link

  • Who Is That Mustachioed Man?

    It's Father's Day in Sweden! The guys talk about how they spent the day, and they also introduce their Movember campaign. Rodney is growing out a mustache (and Sean is going full beard) to raise awareness and money to support men's health medical research. Plus, apparently a meteor (or meteorite?) exploded over Stockholm...

  • Everyone’s A Comedian

    The 2 guys are joined by comedian Brian Johnson this week. Originally from South Florida and Georgia, he’s been in Sweden longer than he likes to admit. He gives the guys the inside scoop on how he got into comedy (hint: he didn’t start in the U.S.), what to do while in Malmö, his go-to meal when he goes back home and even how to get into stand-up comedy. 

    You can check Brian out here: 
    It’s Not Like You podcast - Spotify
    Banned Comedy Club - Facebook
    Facebook: Brian K Jordan
    Twitter: @bjordan22
    Instagram: brijor22

  • All Hallow’s Week

    Halloween is here! All week long… whenever you least expect it. The guys review their preparations and their own Trick-or-Treat strategies. Plus, it’s pumpkin-mania in Sweden, but the guys are already preparing for the best instant sides for the holiday table. Also, Rodney is teaching his daughter how to drive in multiple languages while Patrick Risotto blows up our phones with messages from Sunny Italy. It’s a packed episode this week!