• Chinese Buffet and a Refreshing Skoda

    Rodney heads up North (way North) to find a replacement for his beloved Skoda. He takes in the sights and the local fast food options. The guys discuss what it's like to buy a used car in Sweden, and Rodney recounts the tales of his old hooptie that couldn't back up.

  • Höst With The Most

    Höst, Fall, Autumn. Whatever you call the season, it’s arrived in Stockholm. The guys try to figure out some traditional Swedish ways to celebrate, while Rodney tries to avoid it entirely. And, as the nights draw in, the 2 guys talk about some of the best options for streaming right now. EXTRA: check the Pre-pod video on our YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/35Wf5fz

  • Message in a Mail Box

    Sean receives a mysterious hand written message in his mailbox. Plus, more news from the live grocery shopping front, and Sean's new couch has arrived! Find out how he put an IKEA sofa together by himself with a toddler running around the house. HOT TIP: Check out our behind the scenes clip on our YouTube channel! https://youtu.be/jrW-XyAB700

  • Early Bird Gets the Pod

    The guys are joined by the great Edward of The Early Birds, a Stockholm-based start-up that helps businesses improve their e-commerce. He talks about his world-spanning journey to Stockholm, how he got involved in the start-up, how 2-day shipping will succeed in the city and even his best under-the-radar hot spots around town. Amazon is coming to Sweden people! And it's real this time.

  • Bizarro World

    Sean takes a trip to ICA. It seemed like a normal trip to the grocery, but turned out to be a journey to an alternate dimension. But on the bright side.... they have bagels in Stockholm! Also, the summer heat is gone, and Rodney is jumping too far ahead in the calendar. Plus, carrot cake counts as a vegetable, right?

  • Last Chance (for Summer) Ranch

    The guys are soaking up the last rays of Swedish summer. And apparently this was the weekend to party. Rodney and Sean talk about their suddenly wild neighbors, tips for enjoying the rest of August, new neighborhood discoveries and new high schools (or gymnasiums….?). Plus, would you buy a sofa from Blocket?

  • A Long Strange Trip

    The guys are joined in studio by Jim Farula - owner of Jimmy's Downtown Deli. He's been here for 30 years and takes us on a trip through playing Russian rock clubs with ex-KGB bouncers, meeting his ex-wife on an airplane, talking himself into becoming a catering chef and how the came up with LSD chicken and waffles. And he mentions something about Hornsgatan 149....

  • Escape From Stockholm

    This week, Sean recaps some of his latest adventures with a few tips to escape Stockholm - even if you only have a weekend to do so. Plus, the guys try to figure out advanced Swedish vowel usage and some classic idioms and phrases that just don't make sense when translated. Hold onto your thumbs... it's episode 65!

  • Crayfish Crawdads – Tomayto Tomahto

    The guys are back in the studio, but not for long. Sean is hitting up the beaches - even if he can barely pronounce them. Also, Rodney plans a perilous expedition to Mount Saint Ikea. PS... it's Swedish crayfish season!!

  • Margarita Stad

    Rodney has a revelation over a lot shaker of salt. Plus, people who don't like fruit, broken dryers with missing handymen, missing birthdays, missing stripes and a run for the presidency. 2 Guys, 3 Crowns, 2020!