Crayfish Crawdads – Tomayto Tomahto

The guys are back in the studio, but not for long. Sean is hitting up the beaches – even if he can barely pronounce them. Also, Rodney plans a perilous expedition to Mount Saint Ikea. PS… it’s Swedish crayfish season!!

2 Guys 3 Crowns · Crayfish Crawdads – Tomayto Tomahto

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1 day ago

I had the pleasure of making a brief appearance in episode 1 of “Dips” on SVT this past season. @jesperronndahl and @marieagerhall are truly comical geniuses. This #berniememes for you! —🙏🏼Rodney(Foto: Lukas Backland/SVT/Dips) ...
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Podchaser - 2 Guys 3 Crowns