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  • Bed Time

    Rodney starts us off with his recent battle of the bed. Sean joins in from Bahia, Brazil where it is actually hotter than it was last episode. Other items that pop up are: dogs, monkeys, paper towels, airports, Eurovision and the quickly approaching 2 Guys 3 Crowns 1 year anniversary.

  • Jungle Aid

    In this episode, Sean tells of his recent poolside "ouch" in Brazil. Rodney went for a muddy stroll in Nynäshamn. Other topics include: Super Monday, movie start times, Brexiting, unlucky house plants and much more.

  • Just lettuce talk

    NEW episode 39 is UP! This week, the guys talk Brazilian monkeys, chilly iguanas, big bugs, Niners heading to Miami and what's rockin' in Nynäshamn. Did I mention the Niners heading to Miami?

  • Nights for Round Pizza

    Welcome to 2020! The guys recap their holiday adventures. Rodney (possibly risking Tetanus) for a supreme pizza. Spam, of course, makes an appearance. Sean discusses the traditional Brazilian Christmas and what he’s missing from Sweden.

  • Home (?) For The Holidays

    We span the globe for our Christmas travel episode. Sean finds a way to get to Brazil despite aborted landings and TSA agents. Meanwhile Rodney braves the crowds to finish his Christmas shopping before heading to San Francisco. We say goodbye to "herring" and hello to pizza and grocery stores with real beer.

  • 2 Guys, 3 Crowns and Swedish Bananas

    This week we welcome Joel and Simon, hosts of the Swedish Bananas Podcast! From iguana infestations and Swedish holiday traditions to reality TV, emergency pizza delivery and dodging advertisements, we've got you covered. Don’t miss this one! (find Swedish Bananas on Spotify)

  • Two Guys and a Turkey

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Rodney barely makes it through this episode after his turkey day indulgence. But we still find a way to talk about food - and save room for dessert. Plus, Sean plans for long haul travel with an infant - all while trying to grow a jungle in his flat without water. Giving thank to all of our listeners. Wishing you a beautiful holiday weekend.

  • Let’s Talk Turkey

    Broadcasting from the world’s smallest man cave! Just add a little LED mood lighting. The guys discuss using a bond villain as a mascot, why the Minions are perfect for Ikea and more. There’s some shameless promotion, plus they discuss their plans for turkey day and what makes a good Black Friday deal.

  • Darkness Falls

    Breaking news! We’re back, and it’s dark in Sweden. Let’s celebrate the end of Sober October, and new beginnings. Sean discusses his move and adventures at the US embassy. Rodney shares his thoughts on tea lights (haw hah!). Plus, how well do you know your partner? Is it good enough for immigration services? Beware the viking spouse!

  • Pulling Teeth Is Like Postnord

    Some things in life are certain: death, taxes and Postnord being awful. Plus, Rodney comes face to face with the Swedish dentistry system. Then, the guys can't help but indulge in the fast food we are desperately missing. We hear that In 'N Out is coming right after we get Amazon (wink, wink).


2 days ago

2 Guys 3 Crowns

Episode 60! If you missed our recent 4th of July LIVE stream on Facebook, the audio track is now up. Thank you to the American Club of Sweden for the invitation. If you'd like to check out a replay of the original video, it's available on our Facebook page @2guys3crowns The recipes we mentioned are also available on Instagram and Facebook. You can find Rodney's 4th of July and Country playlists by searching for "svenskahuna" on Spotify. ...

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