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  • Just The Two Of Us

    It's back to normal this week with just two guys in the studio. They recap the great guests they've had over the last couple weeks. Plus, they answer some listener questions.

  • It’s Ok… I’m A Professional

    The guys are joined this week by Danielle and Ben from Swedish For Professionals - an organization dedicated to teaching professionals, well, Swedish. They stop by to talk about their own expat stories, what's important for expats to learn beyond just the language and more. Don't forget to check out their websites and app:

    Swedish for Professionals:
    The En or Ett App -
    Studio Swedish -

  • From Stockholm With Love

    The guys are joined By Karin Rosenquist-Schager, founder and designer at Love STHLM. Currently based in Chicago, but originally from Stockholm, she gives the guys the inside scoop on what she misses from back home, what it's like to live the US in the time of Corona, and how she is trying to move back to Sweden in the middle of a pandemic. To see Karin's creations, visit the Love STHLM website at and Instagram @love.sthlm

  • Sentenced To Forty Years

    This week, the guys sit down with Larry - owner of "Larrys Corner" coffee shop in Stockholm. An OG expat, Larry has been here for 40 (!) years. He relives the 'good ole days' and talks about his history as a Swedish librarian, pancakes, his love of obscure film and much more.
    Visit the Larrys Corner Facebook page for location and events:

  • Stuck In Stockholm

    This week, the guys are joined by Florence Wetzel: an American author HAPPILY stuck in Sweden. From Denver to Stockholm, she shares her story of tracking down the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, her love of Sweden and creating Scandinavian thrillers of her own.

    Florence's books are available at:
    USA Amazon:
    SWE Adlibris:
    UK Book Depository:

  • Jill Of All Trades

    The next chapter of the Coronavirus Chronicles brings us Lola Akinmade Åkerström! A renowned travel photographer (represented by the National Geographic Image Collection), writer, TED talker, founder of businesses, mom and more, we get her inside scoop her favorite travel experiences. Plus, she shares her favorite hidden gem in Stockholm.

    Check Lola out on the following platforms:
    Writing and Photography portfolio -
    Academy -
    Twitter -
    Facebook -
    Instagram -
    NordicTB Collective -
    Slow Travel Stockholm -

  • The Candy Man Can

    The mastermind behind "The American Food and Gift Store According to Charles" joins the guys in the studio. That's right! It's Charles Fletcher. He explains the store's humble origins as a cafe offshoot, some wild orders, why Spam is so hard to import (sorry, Rodney) and why Kool Aid is so popular in Sweden - hint: it's not for drinking.

  • Risotto Is His Middle Name

    It's 3 guys, 3 crowns this week as Patrick "Risotto" Botlero joins us. A fascinating story that takes us from New York City's financial world, to the country homes of Italian grandmothers and back to Sweden. Patrick shares some of his inspiration and where you can find his pop up experiences. Order his cookbook, Den Stora Risottoresan, today! Test Patrick's "Strawberry Risotto" recipe: AND visit the Facebook page:

  • Socially Social Distancing

    Social distancing can be a bit lonely, so we've invited a very special guest this week. - Germaine Thomas returns! She joins the guys to talk about the recipes getting her through quarantine, the JamNation band's new EP and planning a tour in the age of Corona. Plus, she runs the gauntlet of our 5 personal questions.

  • New Week, Same Quarantine

    Congrats, everyone! We’ve made it through another week of social distancing. The guys talk about their strategies for beating the boredom including new recipes, must-watch Netflix and baby sleep training. Plus, strategies for eating outside (if it’s not snowing - again). Also, a restaurant based on toilet paper?


6 days ago

2 Guys 3 Crowns

🇸🇪ep 75 is UP! It’s the last week of daylight savings time in Sweden, and Sean is freaking out about the incoming darkness and winter. He and Rodney run down their winter checklist to talk about all of the things they are avoiding. Then, it’s game time! This week’s edition features word association.
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