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  • Two Guys and a Turkey

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Rodney barely makes it through this episode after his turkey day indulgence. But we still find a way to talk about food - and save room for dessert. Plus, Sean plans for long haul travel with an infant - all while trying to grow a jungle in his flat without water. Giving thank to all of our listeners. Wishing you a beautiful holiday weekend.

  • Let’s Talk Turkey

    Broadcasting from the world’s smallest man cave! Just add a little LED mood lighting. The guys discuss using a bond villain as a mascot, why the Minions are perfect for Ikea and more. There’s some shameless promotion, plus they discuss their plans for turkey day and what makes a good Black Friday deal.

  • Darkness Falls

    Breaking news! We’re back, and it’s dark in Sweden. Let’s celebrate the end of Sober October, and new beginnings. Sean discusses his move and adventures at the US embassy. Rodney shares his thoughts on tea lights (haw hah!). Plus, how well do you know your partner? Is it good enough for immigration services? Beware the viking spouse!

  • Pulling Teeth Is Like Postnord

    Some things in life are certain: death, taxes and Postnord being awful. Plus, Rodney comes face to face with the Swedish dentistry system. Then, the guys can't help but indulge in the fast food we are desperately missing. We hear that In 'N Out is coming right after we get Amazon (wink, wink).

  • Candy By The Kilo

    Episode 30 is UP! It’s a packed episode this week. We try to create a jingle, we talk “Lördagsgodis”, compare sweet teeth, discuss our need for pretzels and jerky - and that’s all in the first 10 minutes. Special congrats to @happy_food_trippin for winning the Contest Contest. Plus, we discuss our picks for amazing PlayStation games (karaoke anyone?).

  • Tons of Fans

    Rodney drops some Systembolaget life lessons on Sean for the end of Sober October. Then, Sean returns the favor with some cool tips he learned about moving in Stockholm. Plus, what’s the deal with tiny elevators, new business models, tons of fans, Swedish networking and more.

  • Sunday Funday

    A special Sunday episode! Time for talk of monster trucks, pro wrestling and demolition derbies. America!! Also the guys have an idea for a new business model (trademark 2 Guys 3 Crowns 2019), and new movies with "that blonde actress." Happy Sunday Funday, everyone!

  • Doodle Poodle Doodle

    It's the end of September already?!?! That means it's time for the Sober October challenge! Then, the guys invent their own challenge involving pink substances for breast cancer awareness. Plus, rotisserie chickens are heaven, Gullmarsplan is still hell, Twitter is the worst, and Rodney's daughter is playing the slow game to convince him to buy a dog (he totally should). Happy episode 27, everyone!

  • You’ll Never Take My FREE(association)DOM!!!

    Happy Fri-YAY!! And it's (American) football season. The guys consider student chiropractic services, and then it's time for free association word play with Dr. Rodney. Thank God it's Friday, people!!

  • Njahhhhh

    Njahhhh!!! It's not just for Bruce Lee anymore. But don't put those karate shorts away yet! The guys are still hanging on to those summer dreams and trying not to admit winter is on it's way. Also, it turns out some things are universal truths: bad parking is a pandemic, unions are unions and Spirit Airlines sucks. Then, it's time for Rodney's Swedish Slang Corner.