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  • Bad Boys

    So Will Smith is making another (!) Bad Boys movie. The perfect excuse for the guys to chat about upcoming films. Then, they discuss tips for living life on the edge - with just an American driver’s license, and breaking Facebook expat group etiquette.

  • It’s a Jungle Out There

    Episode 23! It's a soupy, sticky, humid jungle here in Stockholm at the moment. That means even hotter trains and crazy antics on the platform. Plus, Rodney has a very special announcement about him joining modern society. Lastly, stay safe Florida!

  • Attack Of The Pumpkin Spice

    It's that time of year... the invasion of pumpkin spice everything. Plus, more train adventures, and the guys start the countdown until the next holiday. Also, Sean is still looking for tips on moving all his stuff down the street.

  • It Always Looks Better In Sweden

    Sean is still sleep deprived with his newborn, while Rodney welcomes his son back home for a break from military training. By the way, have you ever noticed how IKEA always looks better in Sweden. Plus the guys rant on train etiquette and more.

  • We’re Baaaaack

    Honey, I'm hoooooome! Rodney and Sean are finally back in studio after taking advantage of the long Swedish summer break. Rodney had a holiday, while Sean had a new addition to his family. There's (of course) some baby talk. But we also inevitably comeback to food. After all, it's crayfish season!

  • Gone Fishin’

    We're taking some time for our Swedish summer holiday! We'll see you in a couple weeks.

  • Happy Murica Day!!

    Today, we celebrate our FREEEEEDOM! What better way to celebrate than the women's national team making it through to the World Cup final? Sean recaps Lollapalooza Stockholm highlights; plus the go-to barbecue for the 4th, and why it's not Swedish if there's no dill. Also, listen until the end to find out the winner of #NameTheBaby. Happy 4th of July everyone!

  • Lions, Tigers and Björns – Oh My!

    The guys recap their Midsommar festivities - including Sean's revelation about the infamous name Björn. But summer also brings wild and crazy train schedules and construction in Stockholm. Also, Sean is eyeing up everyone's strollers lately, while Rodney considers launching a business for shirts that fit in all the right places. P.S. Don't forget to submit your baby names!

  • You Say You Want A (Burger) Revolution

    We're back on the road - taking a trip out to Stenhamra to visit Mattias. He's the smash patty maestro behind TBR Burgers (The Burger Revolution). He's been on a journey to craft the perfect burger, and we sample his latest progress. Spoiler alert: it's delicious.

  • There Will Be Drool

    We rave about two of our favorite new discoveries in the Stockholm restaurant scene. Then, Rodney has an existential crisis concerning Spam. Also, Sean has a big announcement, and Rodney revisits his Correction Corner.