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  • Hot Weather Cold Waters

    It's really hot - but the water is way too cold. Turn to the podcast for some relief. We discuss graduation season in Stockholm which brings out white hats and boozy trucks. The Vasa is still getting older... Hot tip - don't pay for water there. Also, Sean explains why Volvo is more Swedish than IKEA. Happy National Day!

  • Blinded By The Light

    The sun is glorious, but it’s also up wayyyyy too early. As much as we complain about the dark winter, there is always room to complain about too much sun in the morning during midsommar. But that means more time for Snaps, especially for National Day next week - which apparently isn’t that old. Plus, give us enough time and we bring the conversation back to food - Rodney recommends BBQ places, and Sean preaches about Mac ’n Cheese greatness. Also, how do you spell Björn in stone runes?

  • I’ll Tell You What Time It Is! I think?

    Seriously though, what time is it? We talk about how we can’t read time or a calendar since moving to Sweden. Also, people and countries defy physics, we share some awesome restaurants for sunny dining and Sean tries to get some tips for cruises. Who knew boats had restaurants? Plus, we discuss the joys of expat Facebook groups… shout out to the Facebook groups!

  • What’s In A Name (Day)?

    A Rodney by any other name... is now "Ronny." Sean has adventures trying to barbecue, but he can't find propane anywhere. We wonder if ostriches have drum sticks, and Rodney ponders the modern marvel known as a dishwasher. Plus, if you order from ICA, you might meet Adrian. We're back in the studio for episode 12!

  • What in JamNation?!

    We've taken our dog and pony (mic and laptop?) show on the road this week to meet a very special friend: Germaine Thomas. A front woman for the JamNation Band, massage therapist, reality TV baker, and just a generally amazing person. Get to know her story, live from Temple Bar in Gamla Stan. Also, listen until the end to hear your shout out - you know who you are...

  • Happy Birthday. Happy Valborg. Happy 10th Episode! (+bonus)

    Wishing happy birthday to King Carl the 16th (we think?)Gustaf of Sweden. Also, happy Valborg to everyone! Although, beyond bonfires, we're not quite sure what we are celebrating. Plus, the Swedish tradition of leaving things where you found them, inhaling, and strings of letters that can't be pronounced. Listen until the end to find out how you can get a special shout out on next week's episode!

  • Vintage Phones and Cherry Tree Envy

    We recap our Easter fun only to discover Sean went to see the cherry trees before the official weekend. *Gasp!* Rodney wants to combine rotary phones with smart phones. Also, bananas are hard to order online. And what's the deal with paying for public bathrooms?

  • Fanmail, Football And IKEA Fun

    We get our first piece of fan mail! Also, Sean goes on an exciting IKEA adventure, we check out American football in Stockholm and we prep for Easter.

  • Winter is Staying

    Winter decides it's going nowhere. But it's the middle of April!! Maybe the White Walkers are on the way? Also, be careful when getting your haircut in Sweden. Lucky episode 7!

  • S1E6

    Rodney reminisces about his gorgeous wooden clogs, and he considers putting Kalles caviar on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Gross. Plus we share some grilling ideas for the start of Spring. We should have eaten lunch first. ;)