What in JamNation?!

What happened to the studio this week?

We’ve taken our dog and pony (mic and laptop?) show on the road this week to meet a very special friend: Germaine Thomas. A front woman for the JamNation Band, massage therapist, reality TV baker, and just a generally amazing person. Get to know her story, live from Temple Bar in Gamla Stan. Also, listen until the end to hear your shout out – you know who you are…

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3 days ago

2 Guys 3 Crowns

🇸🇪Halloween is here!🎃All week long… whenever you least expect it. The guys review their preparations and their own Trick-or-Treat strategies. Plus, it’s pumpkin-mania in Sweden, but the guys are already preparing for the best instant sides for the holiday table. Also, Rodney is teaching his daughter how to drive in multiple languages while Patrick Risotto blows up our phones with messages from Sunny Italy. It’s a packed episode this week! ...

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