What Is a National Day?

It’s Swedish National Day! But what, exactly does that mean? Is it a flag day, an independence day, a random holiday so you don’t have to work? Nope. It’s a BBQ day! The guys share some go-to recipes and their thoughts on what BBQ weather is. Hint: it’s been BBQ weather for at least a month. Plus, Sean is looking for a hidden-gem getaway in Sweden to take advantage of our new domestic travel freedom.

2 Guys 3 Crowns · What Is A National Day?

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I had the pleasure of making a brief appearance in episode 1 of “Dips” on SVT this past season. @jesperronndahl and @marieagerhall are truly comical geniuses. This #berniememes for you! —🙏🏼Rodney(Foto: Lukas Backland/SVT/Dips) ...
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